Why You Should Join

We offer a wide variety of quality services that make membership in the Association a truly cost-effective investment – one that can help improve your company’s bottom line. For a quick overview of our services, click here for our Services Brochure.

We view our member companies – general contractors, subcontractors, material or service providers, and associate members – as partners. This partnership allows us to promote a strong and growing commercial and industrial building industry.

New Member Applications

New member applications are approved four times annually. To download a printable PDF Membership Application, please click below:

• General Contractors

Application for General Contractors – General contractors must complete this application. As a general contractor, your membership in the Kansas City Chapter, AGC establishes membership in The Builders’ Association.

Subcontractors and Material or Service Providers

The Builders' Association Membership Application  – All subcontractors, material or service providers and associates must fill out a Builders’ Association Application.

AGC Associate Membership Application – If you are a subcontractor or a material or service provider, and also wish to join the AGC, please submit the AGC Application together with the Builders’ Application. Associate AGC membership for subcontractors, material or service providers, and associates is optional for Builders’ Association members. 

Membership Dues

If you are interested in joining us and would like more information about dues and services, please click here for a membership staff person in your area: Contact Us.