Success 360°: Celebrate Success!

Success 360°: Celebrate Success!

The Builders, a chapter of the AGC, in collaboration with the heartland's top general contractors, is proud to host Success 360°. This monthly series of professional development sessions focuses on elevating minority, women and disadvantaged business enterprises (M/W/DBE) in the construction industry through education, connection and collaboration. Click the Success 360° brochure button below to learn more.

November's Success 360° will be a holiday celebration and learning about the power of reflecting on wins and losses while celebrating them as a SUCCESS! Nicholas Ruffin, Co-Founder of The Ruffin Group and Managing Partner at Maze Freight Solutions, will present and motivate attendees going into the new year. The festivities will be in the new Career Development and Exploration Center (CDEC). We'll also raffle off free tickets to the 2023 American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE) Summit. See you there!

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Nicholas E. Ruffin, as the Managing Partner of Maze Freight Solutions and Co-Owner of The Ruffin Group, has etched his mark as a leading corporate trainer, delivering profound insights and empowerment to his audiences.

With over two decades of invaluable experience in sales management and corporate training, Nicholas's journey is a testament to his dedication to the art of transformation. He possesses an exceptional talent for constructing digital nervous systems that breathe life into companies, catalyzing their growth through refined processes, meticulous procedures, and unmatched efficiencies.

Nicholas's visionary approach extends to his ownership and stewardship of Set Grow Training, Set Grow Consulting, and Set Grow Processing within the Ruffin Group. His influence reverberates across diverse industries, from logistics to marketing and merchant services, where he has masterfully crafted training curriculums, spearheaded Learning Management System (LMS) programs, and bespoke platforms tailored to each sector's unique demands.

The cornerstone of Nicholas's expertise lies in his fusion of sales mastery with comprehensive knowledge in marketing, corporate management, and B2B solutions. His profound understanding of sales dynamics is not just born of theory but is deeply rooted in practical experience, making him an unparalleled resource in the realm of business transformation.

However, Nicholas's impact extends beyond the boardroom and into the hearts and minds of his audience. His classroom experiences are more than mere lectures; they are transformative journeys that mirror motivational seminars. These sessions empower attendees with not only the essential sales fundamentals but also the wisdom to revolutionize their day-to-day philosophies beyond the confines of the workplace.

Nicholas E. Ruffin is not just a trainer nor motivational speaker; he is a catalyst for personal and professional growth. His electrifying presence, combined with his profound insights, inspires individuals to transcend their limits and unlock their full potential. Nicholas's mission is clear: to ignite the spark of transformation in every life he touches, leaving a legacy of empowered individuals and thriving businesses in his wake.

When: Nov. 29, 2023 | 4 to 6 p.m.
Where: The Builders Training Center, 105 W. 12th Ave., North Kansas City, Mo. 64116
Cost: FREE
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11/28/2023 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Central Standard Time
The Builders Training Center 105 West 12th Avenue North Kansas City, MO 64116 UNITED STATES
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