The Builders, a chapter of the AGC

FAQs and benefits

The Builders, a chapter of the AGC, was announced publicly June 8, 2022.

Background information

  • In the early 20th Century, the Kansas City Chapter of the AGC was chartered as a sister association to The Builders’ Association. By adding the option of membership in the Associated General Contractors of America, Builders’ expanded its role in serving the construction industry through national connection and engagement.
  • For nearly a century, the two associations have operated collaboratively, sharing a staff.
  • AGC offers access to resources and services beyond what Builders’ can provide alone, and it offers more opportunities to connect with others in the industry, develop business and create a stronger voice to advocate on behalf of the industry.
  • These are things we want all members of The Builders’ Association to have access to, so our association board leadership and staff worked with the leadership and staff of the national AGC office to find the best path forward for all Builders’ members, resulting in one, unified association: The Builders, a chapter of the AGC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits to the new structure of The Builders (all members)

  • The national AGC offers expanded and increased connections and networking (e.g., national conferences/conventions).
  • Being a member of The Builders means being part of the community of practice: The Builders is the trade association for commercial construction in the heartland, and membership opens the door to being part of a national conversation.
    • Membership offers a brain trust that is nationwide (via e-Forum, committees and peer groups that span the country and construction-related businesses).
  • Supplemental to local offerings from The Builders, national AGC offers professional development options (virtual and in-person) that provide members more access and flexibility to stay at the top of their field. This may be particularly beneficial to regional members of the association.
  • The national AGC’s government relations team collaborates with policymakers/decisionmakers to have influence in keeping the economic wheels turning (e.g., can lobby for policies favorable to the industry’s supply chain/material availability needs). This team also advocates for funding of public projects; works closely with the EPA; and has a strong relationship with OSHA, all to the benefit of businesses operating in and around construction.
  • AGC offers discount programs that reward construction firms for purchases they are already making (e.g., Home Depot, fleet discounts, etc.).
  • AGC’s awards programs provide a national stage for recognition and business development.
  • AGC delivers timely industry news and analysis.

Other FAQs

  • What is this going to cost members?
    • Dues increases will be minimal and serve only to cover the added costs to the association of having all Builders members in AGC membership. The Builders staff took efforts to be sure the value added with membership unification exceeds any dues increases.
  • Does this mean we’re part of AGCMO, AGCKS or The Heavies in KC?
    • The Builders remains separate from other chapters of the AGC. Prior to the change, all AGC Kansas City members were also members of The Builders’ Association. The unification of membership simply transfers the AGC charter from AGC Kansas City to The Builders’ Association, bringing all Builders’ members into AGC membership.
  • What geography do we cover? What is the jurisdiction The Builders?
    • The Builders, a chapter of the AGC, has jurisdiction over commercial construction work being completed in:
      • The Kansas City metro region (both on the Kansas and Missouri sides).
      • Western half of Missouri (including Columbia, Jefferson, Springfield, Joplin and more).
      • Northeast Missouri (north of St. Louis, Hannibal, etc.).
    • Jurisdiction of The Builders excludes single-family building and heavy/highway construction.
  • Will there be an impact to EPR?
    • No, you should expect to receive the same exceptional service and access to projects to bid.
  • If our company wants to display a logo to indicate our membership, what should we use?
    • Companies should use the new logo of The Builders, but they may also display the national AGC logo. More guidance will be provided around branding on The Builders website.
  • How do I access added benefits?
    • All members were submitted to the national AGC to be eligible for added benefits as of Oct. 1, 2022. Builders' members with an existing Builders' profile can access the AGC login page by typing in the email address you provided to The Builders' Association when you created a Builders' sign in and then click "forgot password." You will receive an email prompting you to create a password. For employees who work for the member firms but have not created an account, you will need to create an AGC account. You can learn more about discount programs and other national benefits at Members may also contact The Builders membership team for a customized recommendation of benefits to leverage.
  • What will happen to staff of The Builders' Association?
    • All Builders’ staff will continue in their current roles – staff has served both The Builders’ Association and AGC Kansas City to this point, so the unified membership will mostly mean less administrative work on the backend down the road. Going forward, you can continue to reach out to the same folks you’ve come to know and trust to serve you as a member of The Builders’ Association.